Intel provides fellowships to outstanding PhD students in Engineering, Computer Science, Social Science, and other technical related majors focusing on semiconductor and high tech computing technologies at selected U.S. universities.


The Intel PhD Fellowship Program awards fellowships to exceptional PhD candidates pursuing leading-edge innovation in fields related to Intel's business and research interests. This is a prestigious and highly competitive program with a limited number of fellowships awarded annually. This is an extremely coveted award and selected students are recognized as being amongst the best in their areas of research.


The fellowship program was started in the early 1990s by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore. Its purpose was to recognize and honor top students pioneering research in all areas that would benefit humankind. Gordon wanted to give back to those universities and communities who excelled at producing top technical talent. It was also a way to foster collaborative partnerships with universities, its faculty, and promote the next generation of technology leadership. The program has been operational every year for more than two decades. Today's program maintains that same spirit of acknowledging innovative talent and places an added emphasis on developing generations of students who are responsive to the thought-provoking questions facing the semiconductor and computing industries and their impact on an increasingly connected global society.